Our displays are carefully designed according to individual needs of every Client.
We have insight into standards and requirements prevailing in different chains, which allows us to adjust to them easily. We know how to harness cutting edge technology, in terms of electronics as well as lighting, in order to make our displays always look modern.
Even most simple pallet display may be transformed into an attractive installation. If you commission us to design and install such a display, you can be sure that consumers will buy your product.
Production and servicing of 200 producer’s top-outs.
  • production and installation of 3 types of top-outs (universal, personal Care display module, Saeco)
  • creation and production of replaceable graphics for top-outs
  • creation and production of video content for top-outs with monitors
60 complete solutions for Media Markt, Saturn Planet, RTV EURO AGD
  • creation, rendering, technical project of dipslay endings and HiFi island displays
  • production and installation