• All-Poland scope of operation
  • 25 local offices
  • Qualified personnel
  • Cooperation with the biggest chains
  • Warehousing and transport base
Would you like to show to consumers how your product works? Animations are the best solution! We will plan, prepare and carry out in-store animations to present your product in its best light. No poster or leaflet will perform better than our animators. We have the knack of doing it! Our bigges animation event was carried out for Procter&Gamble in 400 stores in 120 towns during one promotion tour, over a weekend.
Are you launching a new product? Do you want your clients to know about it? Sampling is the answer! We will prepare samples of your product, choose the right venue and create the environment in which your clients will receive the samples! We will see to it that the product gets to its target group! We have already given over 20 million freebies and samples; it is as if every second Pole got something from us.
Do you want consumers to choose your product? Let them try it! You cannot describe the taste, nor can you show it. You must taste it! We are prepared to carry out the tasting of your product anywhere in Poland. We have organised tasting of products such as: Haagen Dazs ice-cream, Alpen Gold chocolate, Corte Dore sweets, Merci chocolates, Prince Polo bars and many more. We have given over 2 million portions to consumers – it is as if all Warsaw tried your product!
Would you like to promote your product in an unusual way? Do you want to attract the attention of consumers who are usually hard-pressed for time? Thanks to a mini sales event consumers will remember your product. Non-standard scenarios for our events are tailored to your needs and budget.