We are a team of creative people with great experience, who firmly believe that modern design translates into BUSINESS ADVANTAGE! We are also well aware of the fact that commercial design is not just „art for art’s sake”. Our creative approach is based on a thorough analysis of clients’ needs, history and their business goals.
Brand creation is all about the logo! Simple, strong and carrying the message. We want to see our clients proud of their company’s image. That is why we always pay close attention to your needs, as well as current market trends, both of which find their reflection in our designs of logotypes.
KV is the essence of every campaign, its key, idea and image!
Every day we work on advertising campaign layouts, which are subsequently used in all POS materials. One of our lates projects involved the design and production of promotional materials for Saeco & Tchibo coffee machines.
POS materials are one of the most important media of communication with consumers. Our job is to design, produce and place promotional materials at points of sale.
Display shelves which we designed for Philips are visually attractive and functional at the same time.
We have been designing trade fair stands for KATRIN for a few years. The stands’ form has always followed current design trends and reflected the image of our clients’ novelty products.