• scenarios tailored to marketing needs
  • creation and production of POS materials
  • full service of lotteries
  • preparing the rules of promotions
  • accepting, registering and storing the entries
  • supporting in-store promotions
  • in-store displays of prizes
  • verification and selection of winners
  • logistics
  • full accountancy and legal services
  • purchasing and handing in the awards
  • on-line platforms supporting promotions
  • supervision and reporting procedures
The most simple definition of premium sales, and also consumers’ favourite. We know how to organise big and logistically challenging actions, where deadlines are crucial. Spoons, cups, plates or boxes for double packs? Here you are – a very simple, but at the same time highly effective action. Nothing works better than a guaranteed premium received on the spot.
We know everything there is to know about lotteries. Use our years’ experience and see how we can support your brand. Our lotteries comply with regulations and are guaranteed to succeed.
Promotional contests are one of the most frequently used tools in advertising campaigns. Well-designed mechanics and attractive prizes may translate into a jump in sales, and more importantly, build brand loyalty among consumers.
We design, implement and provide full service of loyalty and sales support programmes integrated with marketing strategies of our clients. The effect of our diversified solutions is to increase loyalty among consumers. Loyalty programmes are not only about creation and prizes; expertise and reliable IT systems are just as important. As we realise that each trade is different, our solutions are tailor-made to suit your line of business.
We know how to design promotional activities to appeal to large numbers of consumers. Our promotions aim not only at a temporary increase in sales, but also at building long-term relationships and creating a strong brand image. We specialise in premium sales, actions such as „satisfaction guaranteed or your money back”.